The Photo club has a data server on the KAUST Campus that is on the "Intranet" , which means that it is internal to the campus and cannot be seen outside KAUST. The current version is owned by Terry King, although the club may acquire their own.

The server is useful as a place to store photos from Club members, collect photos for Club projects, store Photography E-Books and tutorials, open-source software etc. The server can be accessed from MAC, PC and other computers in three ways:

  1. Read-only view from a web browser: Good for easily viewing photos, reading E-Books and other resources.
  2. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for read-write file movement, if you're familiar with FTP. (Can run from Firefox Browser with "FireFTP")
  3. "Connect To Server" (MAC) or "Map Network Drive" (PC) which makes the server appear as just another disk drive on your computer. Once you have this working, you can drag-and-drop files to-from the server, view and edit photos on the server, and read E-Books etc.

We'll show you HOW-TO below. (Options 1 and 2 look the same on MAC or PC. Version 3 is different for each.)

Read-only view from a web browser:

Use any web browser (Firefox is good)

- In top URL bar, type in ( You should see a page with "LinkSys" in Blue and Black)

- Click "Access My Files" ( An "Authentication Required" panel will pop up.)

+ Fill in: User Name:kcommphoto Password: snap

A new screen should appear. In the center "Shared Folders" area, - click "kcommphoto"

The screen should change and on the right you should see several folders, including "PhotographyGroupEbooks" and "PhotosForMeetingSlideShow"

- Click "PhotographyGroupEbooks" and the right panel should show many "PDF" files and other folders.

- Click on a file to view. E-Books will need the Acrobat reader. Photos will display in browser (Firefox, at least, will fit it on your screen).

- Right-Click on a file to download it (Usually "Save Link As")

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

FTP Address:
USER: kcommphoto
PASS: snap

The Firefox browser has an easy-to-use FTP add-on called FireFTP. Go to Tools>add-ons>get add-ons>search FireFTP Then Install,

In FireFTP:

(Left-Top Pulldown sets up accounts. Create Account)
Account Name: kcommphoto (or anything)
Login: kcommphoto
Pass: snap

Then click CONNECT...

You SHOULD see the RIGHT panel display folders like usernames, and the PhotosForMeetingSlideShow folder. Also the E-books are there for you. You can browse the left panel to your local folders. Then just drag-drop!

There are other solutions for MAC (Somebody please jump in and tell us)... And there are stand-alone free FTP programs like CuteFTP and

"Connect To Server" (MAC) :

: You can connect to the server from a MAC with the following steps:
- (type in) smb://  (NOTE: The FORWARD Slash)

- Select "Sign in as a different user"
- (type in where your name WAS):  kcommphoto     - PASSWORD:  snap
"Enter" and in a minute or so you SHOULD have a new server item on your Finder list (upper left).
Click on that server and you should see some folders. (See "About Folders", below

"Map Network Drive" (PC):

3. You will see two Pulldown entries:
  - Drive:  Pick a drive letter: Suggested: "P"
  - Folder: Enter "\\\kcommphoto
(NOTE: The BACK Slash)

4. Click "Connect using a DIFFERENT USER NAME"
5. Enter User name: "kcommphoto"
6. Enter Password: "snap"
7. Click OK
8. Click FINISH
(A folder should appear with other folders inside it. Or you can go to "My Computer" and click on "Drive P" or whatever)

About Folders:
PLEASE make sure you can find your photos again, and other people will not step on them :-)
NOTE: Photography Ebooks that are available to the group are in the folder PhotographyGroupEbooks
- To start to place some of your own photos,  make a NEW folder using YOUR NAME. I suggest your name like your email address, like TerryKing  or  bahir.skinner  or khalid.eltinay etc.

- Inside that folder, I strongly suggest that you use your NAME INITIALS as the beginning of the folder name, plus something ABOUT the photos.
EXAMPLES:  AB-Basketball011710     OR TK-KG-Kids-010810   
When you SAVE AS photos, you may want to make a new folder, so your originals are untouched..

Use your INITIALS again to make a new folder, like:  TK-KG-for-ecc-pages
We will talk more about how to organize this, include other data such as e-books etc. .

-------( Try it out )-----------
SO: You Have Photos on your camera OR Flashdrive.  YOU DO THIS: 
1. CONNECT TO SERVER (see above).
2. MAKE a new folder with a good name
3. FIND your photos on camera/flashdrive:   FINDER > NEW FINDER WINDOW > (Find them)
4. DRAG and DROP the photos you want TO the folder you made on the server.
QUESTIONS? PLEASE ask about what's not clear...


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